Blast of Magic Potion

Honey Lemon Turmeric Ginger Here is a story about the powerful healing properties of this portion. One of our volunteers was showing signs of getting a severe cold. We warned him and suggested he take a shot of this portion, but he refused. He said ginger was too strong for him. After two days he was really not looking good. By that time, he was suffering from coughing, fever, and headache.┬áHe came back and asked for a shot himself. We taught him how to prepare the potion and asked him to take it three times per day. His high fever, virulent cough, and cold disappeared completely. Our recommendation – take it with the first signs of a cold or fever. You have to drink it immediately for maximum impact. All the nutrients, energy and healing chemicals for the body are in the natural foods we consume daily. Keep your internal environment clean and you will be healthy and shining. ” Make it, Drink it, Feel it.” Prevents sinusitis, removes headaches, clears soar throats, relieves liver pain. Clears chest congestion, general homemade tonic. Works all the time.