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Coconut Chutney

Coconut chutney Sentient Style

Coconut is a source of natural, healthy fibre. The whole coconut can be used for many different dishes. South Indian coconut chutney for masala or plain dosa,  idli is easy and quick. Blend all the ingredients or crush it in granite stone not always possible but taste much better. How chutney is a made traditionally in South India. Fresh curry leaves, chana dal roasted, pulp of tamarind or paste, roasted cumin seeds, grated fresh ginger, black mustard seeds.

Tips: Lauric acid is one of the saturated fat found in numerous vegetable fats, predominantly in coconut and palm kernel oils which is used as medicine in Asia for centuries. Today Lauric acid is used for treating all kinds of diseases and prevent many aliments such as Thyroid problems, skin disorder like eczema, rashes, yeast infections, bronchitis.
Do not over use it just because it is good for you. Over use of anything will cause problems, regularly use in moderation.




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