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Don’t even think of making this from scratch at home unless you have all the time in the world. It is a very, very, very, long tedious process! Simply it’s a pain in the butt. Buy it, bake it, roast it or fry it, it’s easy simple and yummy. ☺

Papadams are thin disc-shaped flatbread, from South India originally. Its main ingredient is from peeled black gram (urad flour), Vigna mungo, black gram, made into flour and sun-dried.

Normally papadam is fried which is the best, as it comes out crispy and crunchy which is how is best made. Or you can roast it or bake it. Many like to microwave as it’s convenient, I won’t recommend it. Remember “Do you rather spend the time to stay healthy or save time and be sick later?” It will be like eating flavored crunchy cardboard.

It destroys everything good and bad and leaves a powerful electromagnetic unnatural vibration behind. More about that later.

Papadams are great as a snack and to add crunchiness to a salad or a main meal like dal and curry. Typically served in southern Indian restaurants as appetizer or snack. Add time I have eaten them with a topping of pesto or dip into chutneys or other dips. Several times I have used it with tomato chutney, it’s amazing guys.

In Tamil Nadu it is called as Appalam, In Kerala pappadum, in most of the country is called papad. Flat urad dal has been called bread fried in many places in the west. As always on a snack, toasted or baked it’s a fantastic starter, yummylicious crunchy with pesto or any spread.

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