Catering for Weddings and Events

Vegan and Vegetarian wedding buffet for 150 people. 4 days of preparation and production for the friends and family set in a beautiful garden house.

All recipes can be made to order by our amazing Chef Alda Côrte-Real Pereira and her fantastic team.

More and more people are turning vegan and vegetarian. This kind of buffets are one of many that have been requested by friends and families. To get the variety of food prepared for an occasion like a wedding requires some planning and execution as it takes a very experienced and skilled chef to bring out the best of vegan and vegetarian recipes for the mostly non-vegan and vegetarian guest. The food and the drinks, the decoration and timing of delivery are crucial for a successful buffet at a wedding or birthday or any special event. If there is any occasion or such an event you like to provide alternative plant-based recipes please write to us for a no obligation quotation.

Please furnish us with: Dates, Location, No of guest, and type of meals you require and we will provide you with an estimate at the earliest possible time.




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