Vegan Farofa. A very popular side dish with Black bean stew( Feijoada) and banana. Tapioca root made into a course or fine flour is called Mandioca or manioc (Farofa can also be made of, sometimes maize) flour mixture.
There are various ways to make Farofa and different types of manioc flour can be used. In Brasil, you can find white or roasted mandioca flour has a nuttier taste. You can choose according to your taste, untoasted flour is milder in taste.
This easter Farofa recipe is made with white mandioc flour and toast with coconut butter with poppy and sesame seeds. When you want to make Farofa look for coarse manioc/yucca flour (Farinha de mandioca)
Tapioca flour/manioc starch is usually used to make delicious pãos de Queijo (Brazilian cheese rolls)! There is various brand to choose from,  One of the popular brands is Yoki which is used in this recipe.

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