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Wild fresh grass juice

Wild Green Grass juice. Amazing a refreshing morning shot. Especially in the days of lockdown, its an immune booster.

It certainly is less work than growing wheatgrass. The wild grass juice comes out very dark. It an experience for all green juice lovers to have a shot. If you leave in the countryside, you have grass growing everywhere, in your property or outside your property there is grass growing in nature. Select an area where they’re not much traffic passing by and pick your scissors, and a bowl goes trimming the grass where it’s mostly young about 20 centimetres high or even if it’s unit 60 centimetres it ok. I like to find the fair younger leaves. When you get back to your kitchen, wash it and cut it up into pieces and blend it in a liquefier with 2 cups of water and strain the liquid in cheesecloth and set the juice aside. 

You can use any sweetener of your choice. We use apples or oranges to blend into a smooth pulp and add it to the green juice.

Every morning, one of our volunteers walk around the field with scissors, and medium steel blow collect fresh young wild grass shoots for our daily morning juice. After tasting again recently, I was drawn back to unforgettable tasted wheatgrass juice in 1990 in Johannesburg, South Africa; it’s sweet after taste is appearing at the back of your tongue. You can google wild grass to see which kinds of grass are edible. There are approx. Four hundred varieties of wild grass are edible. Greenbelt in the area you live in an abundance of wild grass. Even kitties do partake in ancient kitty wisdom of eating wild grass. Even dogs eat wild grass to clean their digestive system.

Clean it carefully, washing it well and into the juicer, or a liquefier. The wild grass is a delightful tasting. It can taste better than wheatgrass juice.

Wild Fresh Green Grass

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Serves: 12 Cooking Time: 30 min


  • 4 cups of water
  • 8 cups of wild grass
  • 1 whole honey melon



Cut up the grass with scissors into 4 to 5 cm pieces.


Blend 7 cups of wild grass with 2 cups of water.


Add 2 cups at a time while blending the grass.


Pour the juice into a filter cloth and squeeze out the green juice.


Peel one honey melon and blend into a smooth liquid.


Add the honey melon liquid to the wild grass juice and mix it well.


You can have the drink daily as a booster for your immune system.


The perfect way to start your day.

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