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My Special Sauces

The particular variety of oil you choose will uniquely enhance the flavour and influence the final taste of pesto sauce. Its flavour thus will add to the eventual fusion of all ingredients to give an independent character to the sauce.

Stalks of Celery, rice syrup, coriander, kale, wakame, Brewers yeast, salt, apple cider vinegar.

Stalks of Celery, apples, banana, wakame, Brewers yeast, salt, Kombhu cha, lemon, vinegar.

Sesame oil, chickpea sprouts, apples, Brewers yeast, black salt, Apple cider vinegar, lemon juice. Brewers yeast will give the sauce cheese flavor.

Coconut oil, cooked beetroot, lemon, almond nuts, Himalayan, Salt, Apple cider vinegar. This will give the sauce eggy flavor

Tofu, Olive oil, Pineapple, salt, black pepper, celery, ginger, soya sauce.

Black sesame seeds, Sesame oil, honey, brewers yeast, black salt, apple cider vinegar, lemon juice. This will give the sauce cheesey flavor.

Argan oil, sea salt, lemon juice, salsa, flax seed, almond seeds, coriander leaves.

Basil leaves Olive oil, pine nuts, cashew nuts, salt honey, lemon juice.

Fresh Parsley, fresh oregano, Olive oil, roasted peanuts, salt, honey, lemon.

Prunes, coconut oil, carob powder, lemon, coconut sugar. Sweet cream for pancake.

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