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“Through action, together with devotion and knowledge, you will find the meaning of your life, the supreme treasure of your heart.”

                                                      Shrii Shrii Anandamurti

Sentient Lifestyle means that all foods that you eat have information in the form of vibrations, and nutrition carries this information that is necessary to enable the physical body to maintain its’s structural solidarity. Which is to have the optimal function of organs and systems to keep the human body physically elegant and mentally alert and sharp. The cells in the human body have evolved to enhance intuitional insight and capabilities. All great seers have achieved through practices call Sadhana ( intuitional practices ). The great inventors and sages of the past have clairvoyance, and telepathic abilities are caring, compassionate, creative, etc. We know through new scientific evidence and breakthroughs how food also affects emotions, and our minds get influenced by what we consume. For instance, caffeine in coffee accelerated the heartbeat tannin in black tea does the same to a certain degree. As such, a mind needs to have a balanced nutritional intake to maintain efficient mental functions. For these reasons, plant-based food is suitable.

When complex animal-based foodstuff is introduced into the human digestive system, like meat, pork, chicken, fish, etc. which is not designed for, the chemical structure Haem irons present in all meat increases inflammation causes damage to the body.

Any food with sensibility or emotion when consumed will cause imbalance.

Manas = Memory = Atomic, elemental, evolution, karmic memory,

sensory – sentcitta = inarticulate memory – paracitta, articulate memory.

“All elements needed to make good blood are obtained from the plant kingdom.” Ananda murti

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