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Bathing Procedures and Bath Mantra

Full Bath: 1. Dampen the navel with water.2. Splash water from the front, wetting the area beneath the navel.3. Pour the water from the back.4. Apply water to the crown of the head. Make sure it actually runs down the backbone.5. Finally, take a bath all over. Half Bath / Dip bath: If someone doesn’t want to take a dip bath, he should first pour water on his waist, on his navel, and…


Who Am I and What Am I?

Human beings form the last stage in the evolutionary ladder of the creation. In human beings consciousness is fully and clearly reflected in a physical body made of the…


An Ulcer Story

Ayurvedic remedies and treatments have been used, for centuries, to prevent and heal peptic ulcers. This green juice  aptly named ‘Ulcer Buster‘, is a powerhouse of nutrients with natural…


Black Sesame seeds

Sesame seeds  Black and white sesame seeds are high in amino acid content. They contain essential fats like polyunsaturated, fatty acids, and several Omega-3 oils.  It is incredibly nutritious…