Ulcer Prevention Protocol

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Drink Away your Ulcer with Ulcer Buster juice

For the best results, avoid solid food for a fixed period of time either 7, 14, 21, or 30 days, depending on the severity of the ulcer. But if you feel like having solid food, as you are habituated to it, blend the ingredients to a chunky consistency, and then you can eat the pulp like a smoothie or soup. During this period, it is essential to consume plenty of water (around 6-7liters) every day. together with the 1-2 liters of juices in the end. Be free of ulcer in 30 days

Depending on your Severity, the protocol will help improve your overall Health and well being.

One of the main reasons for Ulcer Buster juice is to heal our stomach from many years of not making an effort to chewing the food in the mouth before the pulverized and crushed food can reach into the stomach. Do this one action, thoroughly chew your solids food into liquid pulp form then swallow the food. Your stomach will “bubble with happiness” not literally. All the ulcer symptoms will drastically reduce and eventually disappear. Do you remember your parents or grandparents telling you to chew your food completely and even in school teacher advises us, kids, to chew the food a minimum of thirty-two times before swallowing? The ancient ayurvedic dictum “Eat less and live longer”

Your Daily routine

First thing in the morning brush your teeth, wash your mouth clean and your tongue with a tongue cleaner.  The bacteria accumulate while you are a sleep in our mouth is very toxic. WE do not want them to enter into the stomach. This will aggravate your gut and cause problems.

  1. First the task in the morning is to re hydrate your body with clean water, add lemon juice and salt will makes it even better. Prepare warm water add juice of one lemon and a pinch of salt. Stir it up and drink the water slowly, preferably with a wooden straw. Half an hour before you drink your green juice.
  2. I have been drinking lemon water every morning since 17 years old. After reading a very small book about the benefits of lemon water with salt or honey. Until today alternating, between adding honey or salt has became my routine ever since.
  3. Its important you not to drink any acidic drink or eat any acidic food. To help you reinforce the healing process a few postures of yoga are recommended as a practice daily.
  4. Kaoshiiki dance will help you heal and prevent 22 disease. It’s a psycho spiritual dance for all. Watch this link. It takes 5 mins to perform this dance to strengthen your body and your mind.
  • Yoga posture mudra and bandha to practice daily

Mudrás are almost the same thing as ásanas but incorporate more ideation. The rules for mudrás are similar to those for ásanas, but there is no restriction regarding the nostrils. The number of mudrás is also large. A list of a few necessary mudrás is given here.

  1. Mudra

Agnisára mudrá: Sitting in siddhásana, hold the waist on both sides with the hands. While breathing out, press the navel region with the middle fingers and contract it till it touches the spine. Stay in this position for a little while. Gradually resume original position. This constitutes one time. Initially practise three times and gradually increase to ten times.

  • Daily meditation to help relax your mind and relax your body. Do this practice daily for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Your Health is in your hands and we will guide you to recover and continue your life with full vitality and energy to optimize your life and allow you to achieve a healthy and vibrant life.
  • You may choose to meditate with a universal mantra and go even deeper in to your practice.

Remember you are not just this body rather you have a mind that drives your body. They are interconnected and intertwined in every way imaginable one cannot exist without the other.

Yogic guide for a Healthier Lifestyle

Interested to go deeper into the search of optimal health and mental strength. Yoga practices will transform and guide you to maintain and begin to use your hidden potential dormant within you.


Ulcer juice

Lunch with Ulcer buster risotto

Dinner with Etherial Tofu

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