How to Create Balance & Overcome Root Causes of Imbalance

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Weight loss One of the main reasons most people put on weight is excessive salt in the system, causing retention of fluids, which inevitably causes increased body weight. What causes this to happen is when the internal environment is acidic, the system wants to protect itself by creating a buffer of fat around the acidic cells. Regular hydration by drinking water and green juices maintains an alkaline environment, thus helping sustain a healthy body and lifestyle.

Increase Digestive Health by reducing the intake of static food, and the body can cleanse itself. Food that we consume gets treated in the guts and waste removed. The nutrients consumed following a sentient diet contain high fiber content in fruits and vegetables and whole-grain cereals that help remove waste efficiently instead of getting clogged up in the system. The fibrous tissues facilitate the daily functioning of bowel movements.

Improve Immune System: A naturally detoxifying sentient diet increases its ability to absorb all the nutrients that cleanse itself. Adopting a healthy lifestyle and strategies increases the first line of defense capacity towards a stronger, wholesome immune system. To bolster all body functions for sturdy protection from environmental assaults, reinforced by healthy-lifestyle and living strategies such as:

  • Eat a high fiber diet: fruits, vegetables, whole grains, use sesame, coconut, olive oils, etc., for some essential oils.
  • Any form of Regularly Exercise is essential to keep your body fit.
  • Maintain a healthy and balanced weight with regular fasting.
  • Lemon water w/ pinch of salt in the morning will help to control your blood pressure.
  • Meditate to get Mental and Physical rest with adequate sleep.
  • Smile and be happy in all situations.
  • Don’t smoke or drink alcohol and avoid recreational drugs.

Get rid of Toxins

Day to day, we ingest more toxins than our body can eliminate through the liver, kidneys, and skin. A regular detox program per month is an aid we give our body to get rid of toxins.

Food Toxins

Most processed foods contain large amounts of chemicals. Artificial hormones are given to cows to produce more milk, chickens to lay more eggs, pesticides in vegetables, and retain a fresh look for a longer period.

Toxins in the Air

Standing next to a smoker, you are breathing in the chemicals from his cigarette, walking in the streets, we breath in carbon monoxide fumes from motor cars, pesticide toxins sprayed on gardens, cleaning agents, and aerosol cans at home.

Toxins in the skin

Toxins get absorbed into our bodies every time we apply suntan lotion, mosquito repellents, perfume, makeup; even skincare products have chemicals absorbed into the skin.

Radiation Toxins 

Radiation toxins are emitted into the body from mobile phones, watching TV too close, even computer screens emit radiation toxins in small amounts. Our bodies are designed to remove toxins from our bodies, but traces of toxic residue remain and slowly build up in your body, causing most of the major health problems we encounter.

Helping to Rejuvenate Cells

Taking in clean air by breathing properly, sufficient nutrition from natural foods, keeping the body always hydrated, and removing toxins with a detox program, exercise contributes to cell rejuvenation.

Cause that creates Cycles of imbalance

  1. Disturbances due to

i. Acidic diet, ii. Disempowering and negative thoughts, words, and deeds. iii. A toxic and polluted internal environment. iv Radiation toxins. v. Destructive emotions like anger lead to disorganized cells

2. Disorganisation of cells due to

Cells change to adapt to their new environment of a declining pH, which creates a,

  1. Compromised Environment

Cell adapts to this morbid environment. Healthy cells become unhealthy cells, “germ.”

Or give birth to bacteria, yeast/ fungus & mold. These, in turn, create their waste products which become debilitating acid.

  1. Acids causing debilitation

The impact on the quality of life of the healthy cells is directly related to waste products discharged from unhealthy cells, which cause internal pollution of the environment, thus leading to disturbance once again a vicious cycle begins.

How to create a Cycle of Balance

1. Reprogramming the cells

Eliminate acid waste through super hydration with sentient foods, e.g., Green foods green drinks. 1 part acidity requires 20 parts of alkalinity to neutralize the zone.  Do 7–10 days cleanse

2. Take control

Break the pattern of negative, disturbing impressions – those things that irritate and disturb cells like acid diets, chemical exposure, prescription, and recreational drugs, negative thoughts, words, deeds.

3. Provide

i. Provide the necessary materials the body needs to construct new and healthy cells. ii. We all need water, oxygen, minerals. iii. Alkaline & Energy, Nutrition & diet.

Most Beautiful and Brilliant Skin

Beauty is skin deep. Each cell in your body will thank you for adopting conscious choices and is where you will feel immediate changes. Our skin is the largest organ in the body, whose function is to detoxify the body daily. The kidneys, pulmonary system discharge toxins, and the liver release toxins through the skin.

Skin being the first line of defense for the body requires much attention; being visible on the outside is directly exposed to the environment.  When you continue to maintain a sentient diet, your skin feels shiny and looks more beautiful.

As less energy is wasted on removing toxins, the organs work less to naturally maintain a clean internal environment, reflecting evidence of your skin’s external beauty and vitality.

A Convenient Truth, your diet determines your health and vitality.

You can make easy and quick meals with sentient food and lifestyle; there are no worries of wasting money on pharmaceutical products and medical services as you are always healthy. You do not spend time and energy cleaning up oily fats, greasy dishes after meals. You are also contributing to a better, healthier environment for your children and grandchildren.

Changing Food Standards

It will certainly guarantee you will feel better, lighter, with more energy, vitality. All your pains, fatigue, tiredness, mental stress disappears. You will tend to feel and desire to continuously have higher positive attributes than “spoil” this effect.  After having a great experience with a sentient diet, you are careful about selecting the freshness and quality of food you eat. Reducing unhealthy eating habits such as excessive consumption of carbohydrates, meat, coffee, alcohol, etc., make you feel superior to before. Why do you want to disturb the goodness that comes from the change in better eating habits? Enjoy the higher realization of life’s vigor.

Ending Tiredness

Fatigue, lethargy, feeling dull and tired relate to food types, a number of times, and when we eat. For example, eating too fast while standing in a stressful situation. The attitude towards diet and the food we eat gives us the strength and energy we need for our daily lives. Eating slowly in a calm environment, chewing your food well, and eating slowly, being conscious of the taste and the foods you eat helps transform the energy of food into physical and mental well-being and strength.

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