Dill / Caraway

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Caraway seeds, usually used whole, have a sweetly pungent, anise-like flavor and aroma that comes from essential oils, mostly carvone, limonene, which are excellent for upset belly for adults and kids. Caraway is used as a spice in bread. Caraway is also used in desserts and savory dishes.  I love to use these particular spices for their unique flavors in curries, bread, sauces, especially in sauteed vegetables and stir-fries.

Despite its reputation as a seed, caraway comes from the fruit of the caraway plant and contains a variety of minerals and plant components. In fact, it may help with weight loss, inflammation relief, and digestive health. Desserts, sauces, bread, and baked products can all benefit from this versatile ingredient, which can be used whole or ground.

Caraway is a unique spice that has been used in culinary and herbal medicine for a long time. This little brown pod, which is frequently mistaken for seed, is actually the dried fruit of the caraway plant. It tastes like licorice, star anise, fennel, and a slightly sweet, earthy flavor.

The particular qualities of the dill / caraway seed are responsible for its culinary and therapeutic effects. With a tinge of citrus, pepper, and anise, it has a nutty, bittersweet sharpness to it (mild licorice).

Blood sugar levels have been demonstrated to be lowered by caraway seeds. However, more research is needed to comprehend the consequences on humans fully. As a result, people with diabetes should exercise caution when taking excessive amounts of caraway oil, extract, or other forms of caraway.

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