Cooking with Essential Oils

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Cooking with essential oils opens a whole new frontier of cooking.

Essential oils can be incredibly useful in the kitchen. Learn how you can incorporate them into your cooking. These oils are the concentrated essences of the natural oils found in plants. When processed in a particular way, they are safe to use in cooking, There are many oils produced from the flower, herb, barks, roots, leaves, seeds, one of the most famous of all flowers are orchids, most used to cook with is vanilla or almond extracts, etc.

Essential can be used: Topically meaning to be applied on the body for rubs and massages aromatically in diffusers. Internally with juices, smoothies, cocktail drinks, savory, salads, or used in cooking

Today a wealth of essential oils can be found and ordered online, and health shops and pharmacies also stock food-grade oils. Of course, when you’re searching, you’ll find all the therapeutic classics like peppermint, oregano, lavender and clary sage, and much more. When you explore deeper and further into the world of essential oils as I did you will be amazed at the vast potential for using these oils in so many ways. Once you discover these oils you will understand they don’t just belong in the SPA or in the bathtub, it’s just as much can be used in the kitchen as in your bedroom and diffuser, like wild orange, iyang iyang, lemon, basil, rosemary, cinnamon, clove and so many more.

Before we being the first things to know :

Before going further, it’s crucial that we understand that not all essential oils are created equally. Many oils sold for aromatherapy or even bath and body use are not suitable to consume. Always be sure the oils are food grade before adding a drop to any recipe, be certain that the oils are food safe. Once you have the appropriate product in hand, you can experiment with a whole range of these oils. After all, doubts are cleared its now time to delve in and learn the richness this beautiful fragrance can give your food and how useful tools essential oils can be in the kitchen.

Common Essentials Oils for cooking:

Basil                    for salads, teas, sauces

Black pepper     for salads, sauces, cooking

Cardamon          for salads desserts, teas, juices

Cassia                 inner bark of cinnamon desserts,  juices

Cilantro             for salads, cooking

Cinnamon         desserts, cooking,  juices

Clary sage          (salva esclareia)desserts, cooking, teas

Clove                   Desserts cooking,  juices

Coriander           Cooking, dips, sauces

Fennel                Desserts cooking salads,  juices

Ginger                Cooking salads desserts,  juices

Grapefruit          Juices desserts

Helichrysum        Superduper powerful oil for a major health issue

Lavender            Salads, cooking, desserts

Lemon                Desserts, salads, cooking, teas.

Lime                    Desserts, salads, cooking, teas.

Marjoram           Salads dips and cooking

Oregano              Salads dips and cooking

Patchouli             Salads, sauces, cooking

Peppermint         Salads cooking desserts juices

Rosemary            Salads, cooking

Spearmint           Desserts, salads

Tangerine           Desserts salads cooking juices

Thyme                 Salads, juices, cooking

Wild orange       Desserts juices cooking


Pineapple Nectarine salsa w/ lime & Cilantro essential oils.

Serves: 6
Cooking Time: Prep time : 30 min, , Cook time : 0


  • 1 pineapple
  • 2 small nectarine diced (you can add more if you like)
  • ½ cup chopped cilantro
  • ½ tsp asafoetida
  • 5 drops lime essential oils
  • 2 drops cilantro essential oil
  • 3 teaspoon of Marian salt



Mix all ingredients together.


Allow salsa to sit and chill for at least 4 hrs before eating.


Serve with tacos or tangy fruit salad all on its own.

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