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“Why’s lemon Excelsior SoSo Good.”

Daily cleanser

Lemon juice is a general cleaner. Its acidic properties are only by taste. Lemon juice is alkaline in nature when consumed. Our humble lemon, numerous health benefits are amazing.

The first thing in the morning after you brush your teeth and clean yourself is only part of the job done by removing the toxin from your mouth, which accumulated during the night even though you think you brushed them the night before.

Now, what about the toxins accumulated deep inside the system. Here is what happens when you add salt to your lemon juice. Usually, the body gets dry due to dehydration during sleep at night; you may feel thirsty at times as well. When you drink warm water with lemon juice and salt in the morning, the body reacts. The first thing the kidney wants to do is eliminate the salt. As it has a drying effect, the system is already dehydrated and wants fluids to be hydrated but not with salt.

Many things are preserved with salt, especially meat and fish, for months and years sometimes. Because of salts drying effects, it absorbs water. As such, during the process of elimination, the toxins accumulated in the guts get drawn out as well. First thing in the morning, you will notice the urine is yellowish, and the reason is toxins getting discharged from the body.

Warm one or two cups of water, squeeze a whole lemon juice. Add a pinch of salt or according to your taste, and drink it up. These will dislodge accumulated mucus and toxins in the system and alkalize the blood. Naturally allowing to deep cleanse your entire system. It is best to rinse your mouth after drinking lemon water.

Don’t throw away the lemon skin. Before you squeeze the lemon juice out, place the lemon you buy from the store in water with bicarbonate soda and vinegar for 5-20 minutes to dissolve the chemical on the skin of the fruit, after squeezing out the juice place it into a jar of water and let it sit for 1 hr.

You will notice the water turn slightly pale yellow. What has taken place is the PMFs poly methoxy flavones have been released into the water along with small quantities of pectins in lemon. This is now a powerhouse for cleansing toxins in the system.

Citrus is a kind of common fruit and contains multiple beneficial nutrients for human beings. Flavonoids, as a class of plant secondary metabolites, exist in citrus fruits abundantly. Due to their broad range of pharmacological properties, citrus flavonoids have gained increased attention. Accumulative in vitro and in vivo studies indicate the protective effects of poly methoxy flavones polymethoxy flavones (PMFs) against the occurrence of cancer. PMFs inhibit carcinogenesis by blocking the metastasis cascade, inhibiting cancer cell mobility in circulatory systems, proapoptosis, and antiangiogenesis. This review systematically summarized the anticarcinogenic effect of citrus flavonoids in cancer therapy, together with the underlying important molecular mechanisms, for the purpose of further exploring the more effective use of citrus peel flavonoids.

This is for the few who want to put on weight.

To gain weight

In a cup of lower than normal temperature or cool water, add half or a whole lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey, stirred, not shaken 🙂 and drink daily.

Some want to gain weight but are unable. What happens is you will feel hungry constantly. Be sure to eat healthy stuff and not junk food. Smoothies of banana with milk (best is natural and organic) are a fast way to gain weight.

To lose weight

In lukewarm (drinkable) water, add half or a whole lemon juice and one teaspoon of honey, and drink daily. The effect of this juice is you will not sense much hunger during the day.  Yet you will feel the energy flowing through you, and not feel hungry at all, snack on some fruits or healthy nuts.

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