The Value of Kaos’ikii Dance

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A Psycho Spiritual Bio Energetic dance

Kaoshikii dance was invented in 1978 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. It is a psycho-spiritual exercise and benefits the mind by developing stamina and strength of mind. Specifically designed by Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti for women’s welfare and to overcome fear, develop confidence and courage. Join all the sisters from around the world to enjoy practicing this powerful dance. Physically, dancing Kaoshikii generates’ tremendous physical and psychic energy, Practice kaos’ikii dance daily between 5 to 21 minutes and feel the energy flow transform your physical and mental state. Shrii Shrii Ananda Murti specifically designed Kaoshiki for women’s welfare and benefit to overcome fear, develop courage and confidence.

Dancing is an expression of human life. Kiirtana is an expression of the human mind. There are so many expressions of the human self. The particular nature of expression through dance and through kiirtana which brings the inner self outward, that is, gives proper expression to the inner self – that particular nature of dance, together with kiirtana, is called Kaośikii. Kośa means “inner self”, and that’s why this dance has immense value in the psychic and spiritual strata of human life.

… Whenever something is done, there must be three essential factors. You are seeing. The three essential factors are: first, the verb “to see”, or seeing; second, the seer, the man who sees; and third, the object which is seen. Within the periphery of relativities, there must be these three requisite factors.

But so far as the essence of philosophy is concerned, there must be a fourth factor which is above, or rather beyond, the arena of relativities – that one is the witnessing factor. When in the realm of physicality and the psychic world, this witnessing factor may also be treated as a reflective entity. Then the original action, that is the actional side, the verbal side, is the reflected or refracted entity. The Witnessing Entity remains a reflecting plate, just like a mirror, a looking glass when something is being done. Its role is multifarious – sometimes it is a passive agent also.

The witnessed entities have a trifarious existence – doer, doing and done, a trifarious existence – and above those three is the Witnessing Entity. So far as the human structure or a living structure is concerned, when you are seeing something, the object is the done or seen, your eyes are the vehicle, and the person in the nominative case is your optical nerve, and is the witnessing entity also. Similarly, where the inferences are in the role of objects, the mind itself is the witnessing counterpart. Because the mind is, the organs function. If the mind does not want it, if there is no approval by the mind itself [as] the witnessing counterpart, then even if you have got the power to see, you won’t see.

Suppose you are moving along the road and there is a horse, but your mind is somewhere else: you won’t see the horse, will you? No. And when people say, “Didn’t you see the horse?” you will say, “No, no, I was thinking about something else, that’s why I could not see.” Sometimes don’t you say this? That is, in that case, there was no support of the mind – without the support of the mind, the function was imperfect; rather, the function could not get any recognition. In the case of a dead body, the eyes are there, but those eyes cannot see because there is no support, no approval, by the mind.

Similarly, in the case of so many functions done by mind, the mind is the objective counterpart, and the átman, the supreme knowing entity, the spirit, the nominative counterpart, is the witnessing counterpart. And in the case of so many functions, so many works done by so many people and witnessed by so many souls, so many spirits – all those things remain unrecognized if they do not get the sanction of the Supreme Source, the Supreme Spirit, Paramátman.

So whatever is done is being witnessed by Him. You cannot do anything secretly. Whatever you do, it is something reflected or something refracted, and those reflections or refractions must get the support of the Supreme Source. And that’s why nobody, neither a man nor a goat nor a cow, can do anything secretly – everything is known to Him. And that’s why He is known as Antarátma, that is, the Inner Soul, the Supreme Soul. And that’s why it is said that this Supreme Soul, this all-witnessing entity, is all-pervading.

Your mind-stuff, your ectoplasmic structure, is also in the scope of this supreme faculty; and each and every inter-ectoplasmic gap is filled up by His essence – there is no vacuum. So He is within, He is without. And He is in the closest proximity – you are never away from Him. You can never be an outcast, and you can never be hated by Him. Society may hate you, but He cannot hate you, because the so-called gaps of your ectoplasmic structure are filled up by Him. There cannot be any vacuum in your ectoplasmic structure.

So what is your duty? Your duty is to move along the path of righteousness, along the path of beatitude. And when you have been doing so, all crude elements of this universe will be converted, first, into ectoplasmic stuff, and in the second phase, into the form of the cognitive faculty; that is, slowly you will become one with Him. And when your mind gets completely apexed, you will be completely one with Him.

And that’s why it is said, in your kiirtana, Bábá náma kevalam, that is, “Only that target, that goal, is yours.” In your life, there cannot be two goals, and when you are doing kiirtana, ascribing God-hood to all your internal and external objectives, slowly your very structure, your very being, your very sense of existence will be converted. That’s why it is said, kevalam; kevalam means it is the way, it is the route, there is no alternative.

Now when the psychic objective (you know the objective is always psychic, there cannot be any physical objective) – when the objective is something crude, what will happen? Your very psychic structure will be converted into matter, and a day may come when you will be converted into matter.

Parama Puruśa in the course of His thought projection was first converted into the matter; and in the course of pratisaiṋcara, in the introvert phase, you slowly, due to internal clash and cohesion within matter, became subtle; and by dint of your occult actions you will convert your entire entity, not into the supra-mundane, but into the Supreme Cognitive Faculty, into Supreme Cognition; and this is the path of spirituality – this is the path of humanity.

30 May 1979 morning, Valencia. Shrii Shrii Anandamurti.

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