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Twist pose (Matsyendrasana)

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The Matsyendrasana or the Twist Pose is translated as “Matsyendra’s Pose”, or “Lord of the Fishes Pose”.  This pose is a seated twisting asana in yoga. It strengthens weak lungs and helps burn excessive stomach fat. This pose also removes calcium deposits in the spine, preserving health and increasing youthfulness.

Wornen should not exert pressure on the Mu’la’dha’ra Cakra, as this is sexually stimulating for term.

How to Execute Matsyendrasana:

  1. Press the mula’dha’ra cakra (root of the sex organ) with the right heel.
  2. Cross the left foot over the right thigh, holding it there.
  3. Catch the left big toe with the right hand, taking it alongside the left knee.
  4. Pass the left hand backward, from the left side and touch the navel.
  5. Turn the neck toward the left, as far as possible.
  6. Repeat the process, with the left heel pressing the mula’dha’ra cakra. One turn is represented by completing the process on both sides.
Practice: Twist pose (Matsyendrasana) 4 times x 30 seconds each turn.

***”This requires a maximum torsion of the vertebral column, first on one side, then on the other, causing the vertebrae to rotate one over the other, and to bend, at the same time, to the right or to the left. The movement of vertebral rotation performs an energetic massage on the motor, sensory and visceral nervous roots coming out of the spinal cord through the vertebrae. The whole somatic and visceral nervous system is thus revitalized. In the forced movements of torsion, the lumbar muscles are specially stimulated to stretch and contract isometric ally. Through a mechanical compression and a better distribution of blood at the lumbar vertebral level, the suprarenal (adrenal) glands are also stimulated. These endocrine glands hold an enormous importance in man’s functional economy, so much so that their deficiency is incompatible with life. To revitalize the suprarenal glands is to improve the whole circulatory system, and to promote a recharged of energy in the cellular “electric batteries. “

Brena, Yoga & Medicine 77.

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