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Hare pose (Shashaungasana)

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The Hare pose is helpful for concentration in preparation for meditation, especially when you cannot focus your mind. It also serves as an alternative to the headstand, which is not included as one of our recommended asanas because it places excessive pressure on the brain, specifically on the Sahasrara cakra.

The Hare pose stimulates the top three cakras (Crown, Third Eye, Throat). It helps prevent and cure thyroid troubles and tonsillitis, and naturally performs a kind of craniosacral massage that deals with weak memory and helps burn excessive fat.

How to Execute Shashaungasana:

  1. Kneel and catch both heels firmly.
  2. While exhaling, slowly bow down, bringing the crown of the head carefully to the floor.
  3. Make the forehead touch the knees, hold the position for 8 seconds, and hold the breath for 8 seconds.
  4. Breathe in while rising.
Practice: Hare pose (Shashaungasana) 8 times x 8 seconds.

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