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Wheel pose (Cakrasana)

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Cakrsana or the Wheel Pose is a yoga exercise asana. It is a backbend that is similar to the bridge in acrobatics and gymnastics. This asana is great for increasing the flexibility of the back as it fully stretches the entire spinal column. It helps eliminate back pain, strengthening the hand, neck, and leg muscles in the process. It also aids in improving the digestive tract, eliminating gas and alleviating constipation.

This posture could be practiced as a counterbend to the Full Head to Knee Pose.

How to Execute Cakrasana:

  1. Lie down, with the back touching the floor, ensuring that the spine is aligned.
  2. Bend both knees and place both feet close to the hips.
  3. Place both palms on the space above the shoulders on the floor with the fingers pointing toward the shoulders.
  4. Inhale and press the palms firmly to the floor.
  5. Slowly lift the elbows and the head from the floor. The elbows will straighten as it is lifted from the floor.
  6. Press the feet firmly to the floor and the hips up and away from the floor. The knees will stretch slightly as the hips move away from the floor.
  7. At this point, the spine should be curved up into a semicircle or half-wheel shape.
  8. Hold this pose for 30 seconds.
  9. Return to the original position by slowly bend the elbows to bring the upper body back to the floor.
  10. Then slowly bring the back and the hips back to the floor as well, bending the knees, and relax all muscles completely.
Practice: Wheel pose (Cakrasana) 4 rounds at 30 seconds each, with 20 second rest intervals in between.

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