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Difficult Chair Posture (Jatila Utkatasana)

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Jatila Utkatasana or Difficult chair Posture is a variation of the Chair Pose. ‘Jatila’ comes from the Sanskrit word which means very complex, and the Utkata comes from the Samskrta word ‘Kata’ means the legs should be raised or kept in a complex position. Asana means Pose or Posture. This pose overcomes the problem of gout on the knees, strengthens weak ankles and toes, and aids in the elimination of gas and phileria.

Regular practice of the Difficult Chair Posture (Jatila Utkatasana) will amplify the intuitive capacity.

How to Execute Jatila Utkatasana:

  1. Squat down, supporting the entire weight of the body on the big toes.
  2. Place both hands on each side of the hips.
  3. The hips and buttocks should be resting on the heels.
Practice: Difficult Chair Posture 4 times x 30 seconds each

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