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Thunder/Diamond Pose (Vajrasana)

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Vajrasana, also known as Thunder or Diamond Pose, is a kneeling asana in yoga. This comes from the Samskrta ‘Vajra’ which was a weapon in ancient times that is shaped like a diamond or a thunderbolt, and ‘Asana’ which means pose or posture. This is an alternative pose for those who cannot do Padmasana. It is beneficial for strengthening the knee caps and all lower portions of the body. Also addresses issues on the stiffness of the knee (gout).

Those with knee injuries should take precaution and get a doctor’s or physical therapist’s clearance before doing this asana.

How to Execute Vajrasana:

  1. Flex the right leg and direct the foot toward the back so that it does not come into contact with the thigh.
  2. Turn your right foot to the right.
  3. Back up with the left foot, using both hands to support the weight.
  4. Squat down gradually on the floor.
  5. Put both hands on your knees. Toes should be pointing forward as much as possible.
  6. CAUTION: Remember to use caution when performing this asana. Forcible squatting can cause injury.
Practice: Thunder/Diamond Pose (Vajrasana) 4 rounds x 30 seconds each.

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