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Peacock Posture (Mayurasana)

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The Mayurasana, also known as the Peacock Posture is a hand-balancing asana used in yoga practice. The etymology of this word is that it comes from two Samskrta words ‘Mayura’ which is translated as Peacock and ‘Asana’ for pose or posture. This posture strengthens plenty of organs, and activates a lot of core muscles that support these organs as well. It helps strengthen the digestive system, as well as the spleen, liver, pancreas and the kidneys. It helps improve blood circulation around the torso and chest area and thus stimulating the lungs as well. This posture is known to help diabetics as well.

This asana is not advisable for pregnant women, and women on their period. It is also not advisable for those suffering from high blood pressure, hernia, and wrist, shoulder and arm injury.

How to Execute Mayursana

  1. Sit on the floor with your hips coming in contact with your heels.
  2. Bring the wrists close to each other, and place the palms on the floor, with fingers pointing toward the feet.
  3. Bend the elbows gently, pushing them downwards toward the navel.
  4. At this point ensure that all core muscles are activated.
  5. Place your head on the floor and stretch both legs, with the top part of the feet touching the floor.
  6. Keep the shoulder muscles strong and bring your body weight forward, slowly lifting your legs from the floor.
  7. Ensure that the entire body is parallel and aligned to the floor. All the weight should be on your hands at this point.
  8. Sustain this position for 30 seconds before slowly bringing your head and legs back to the floor.
Practice: Peacock Posture (Mayurasana) 4 rounds x 30 seconds each.

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