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Shoulder Stand with Lotus (Padma Sarvaungasana)

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Shoulder Stand with Lotus is an advanced Shoulder Stand (Sarvaungasana) variation, also known as Padma Sarvaungasana. It involves a Shoulder Stand, but instead of the limbs extended straight up, a cross-legged (lotus) position is assumed. This asana is great for strengthening the hip, and toning the legs and glutes. It also stretches the neck and shoulder muscles. It also helps improve the body’s digestion.

Some caution needs to be made before attempting this asana – ensure to have practiced and attempted the basic variation of this before attempting this asana. Those with cervical spine, shoulder, back, and hip issues will also need to consult their doctor before trying this pose, and exercise precaution. This asana is also not advisable for those over 60 with high blood pressure.

How to Execute Sarvaungasana (Lotus) Variation:

  1. Begin with the basic variation of Sarvaungasana.
  2. Ensure that the body is stable in this asana.
  3. Fold the legs in the Lotus pose or Padmasana.
  4. Sustain this position for up to 5 minutes. The recommended length is at 2 minutes.
Practice: Shoulder Stand with Lotus (Padma Sarvaungasana) 3 rounds x 2-5 minutes each.

It is good to alternate this pose with the Fish pose (Matsyamudra).

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