Poses for Meditation/ Advanced Asanas

Lotus pose (Padmasana)

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The Lotus Pose or Padmasana is a cross-legged position that is used for meditation. Padmasana is derived from the Sanskrit words the Padma, which means “lotus,” and asana, which means “posture” or “seat.” This posture is perfect for meditation. It also helps control the lower cakras; good for gout in the ankles and toes; tones up all the nerves and tendons in the legs.

How to Execute Padmasana:

  1. Start by placing the right foot over the left thigh and the left foot over the right thigh.
  2. Press the jaws against each other and press the tongue against the teeth as if it were forcing to come out.
  3. The hands should be clasped together in the lap, palms up.
  4. Concentration should be at the third eye (Triukti), without repetition of the mantra.

Practice: Lotus pose (Padmasana) Sustain as long as possible for period of the mediation.

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