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Cow’s head (Gomukhasana)

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Gomukhasana or Cow’s Head Posture is a seated pose in yoga. The name is derived from the Sanskrit terms ‘Go’ which means cow, ‘Mukha’ which means face or head, and ‘Asana’ for pose or posture. This posture is practiced for pranayama (breath control exercise), and for meditation. This pose is great in elongating the spine, correcting bad posture, alleviating high blood pressure, and helping with kidney problems.

How to Execute Gomukhasana:

  1. Sit down and extend the legs in front of the body.
  2.  Lift the left leg slightly and bend the right leg under the left leg, placing the right foot beside the left hip.
  3. Make sure that the left knee is stacked on top of the right leg, putting the left foot next to the right hip.
  4. Raise the right arm above the head and bend it, allowing the hand to touch the shoulder blade.
  5. At the same time, bring the left arm toward the back, close to the middle of the spine, nearly the middle of the shoulder blades.
  6. Adjust your upper and lower arms so that your right elbow is behind your head and pointing to the ceiling, while your left elbow is pointing to the mat or floor.
  7. Do the same exercise with the left foot under the right lower limb. Completion on both sides represents 1 turn.
Practice: Cow’s head (Gomukhasana) 4 times (right and left sides per round) x 30 seconds each

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