Vegan Wedding cake

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This is an impressive vegan wedding cake specially made to order. A challenge is worthy of a great chef to make an elegant cake.

To make a wedding cake four stack high requires some skills and finesse.  Here is what it takes to make a beautiful four-stack high wedding cake.  Gather the ingredients and have fun and go for it.

One of our chefs made this cake at a mutual friend’s wedding as everything on the menu was traditional food, vegetarianiced. So, we also made a vegan wedding cake upon the bridegroom’s request. It was an elaborate wedding with over 250-300 guests. The wedding took place in a sprawling garden. Just like the vegan cake, every food was vegetarianiced traditional and local recipes. The bridegroom loved the cake just like all the other guests.

This is the ultimate guide and tutorial for baking and decorating your vegan wedding cake at home. For any home baker, this DIY wedding cake recipe is a step-by-step tutorial on how to bake, assemble, and decorate your four-tier cake!

This is the ultimate homemade vegan wedding cake that will wow any crowd, with super tender and moist vegan cake layers smeared with a decadent and rich vegan buttercream frosting and decorated with plant-based floral colors and designs.

The cake, in my opinion, says a lot about the couple and the wedding theme. The cake is the true focal point of the post-nuptial bash!

Vegan Wedding cake

Dessert Dadaji Fusion Recipes
Serves: 150
Prep Time: 4 hours Cooking Time: 2 hours Total Time: 6 hours

Who does not want a perfect vegan wedding cake at their big day. So here is the ultimate recipe for you to make your day special.


  • 3 kg of white wheat flour (no yeast)
  • 24 soup spoons of cake yeast
  • 1,200 ml sunflower oil
  • 3 lt / 3 quarts of orange juice (skin can be used too)
  • 2,100 kg brown sugar or coconut sugar (syrups are not advised here)
  • Types of equipment
  • Baker plastic bag for the filling
  • 2 large containers for mixing the cake
  • One electric blender
  • 4 Different diameter round molds
  • 1 small round rotating table
  • 1 hard cardboard beautiful decoration base of your choice (I have used a silver one)
  • 3 cake paper dishes cut on the same diameter of each cake.
  • 2 pieces 30 cm/12 inches plastic round tubes for holding stacked layers
  • Spatula for whipping




Coconut milk with dissected coconut combined and placed in a baker's filling bag. (place in fridge 2 hours to firm up before use)


3 jars strawberries jam with 20 fresh finely chopped strawberries combined on bakers filling-bag.


1 lt./ 33 oz. Whipping cream 100% vegan for sealing and semi-naked look outside


Keep the package in the fridge for a few hours so it becomes easier to get firm.



The entire cake requires 6 kg of flour, to be made twice for each layer.


These quantities are the right amount for the 4 layers.


Make the batter only two times and divide into 4 molds of different size.


Grease the three molds from largest to smallest and set them aside. Cut out baking paper to fit the diameter of each mold and place at parchment or vegetable at the bottom.


In one container mix the flour and the yeast


In the second container place the rest of the ingredients and blend it well until smooth.


Pour this blended mix into the flour and yeast container and mix it well with the blender until smooth.


Preheat the oven 180ºC/ 356°F


Pour the mixture into the four molds to bake the first layers at once.


Put the molds with the mixture into the oven and let it bake for around 40 min. (check if cooked with a skewer in the center, otherwise allow it to bake a few more minutes.)


Once it's done remove them from the oven and let cakes cool down and only then you can remove them from the molds and place them on a wire rack to cool and firm.


Make another measure of the batter and cook the second third and fourth layers.

Assembling the cake:


Place the rotating table on a carrying board or a firm trolley to be lifted to the location for cutting after the cake is done.


After having the layers cooked start to set the cake in parts. Place the rigid cardboard base on top of the rotating table and place the first and largest cake onto it. Remove the baking paper.


Start the filling process Get the firm coconut cream and strawberry filling from the refrigerator.


Evenly spread the first base layer, with strawberry and cream throughout the surface. Now place the second layer on top of the first and firmly press it down, check to see the first layer is horizontal and firm.


You have now glued the two cakes of the base layer, as you have two cakes sitting on top of each other with strawberry and coconut with cream in the middle.


Seal it with 100% vegan whipping cream on the sides and completely cover the base layers of the cake with cream.


Gently press down the cake from the top as you see in the picture and remove excess whipping cream that will spill out to the side with a spatula while turning the table. Once that is done.


Cut 4 plastic tubes as high to the same height as the base layer and evenly place the plastic tube and stick 4 of them into the centre area of the cake, to hold the second layer firmly safely in place.


While you rotate the table using the spatula scrape out the access cream, this is where the rotating table base will help you.


Apply very gentle pressure to scrape the cream off, to be able to see part of the cake as in the picture not completely covered with cream. Now you know why it's called semi-nude cake.


As the table spins you can see all the little gaps on the surface of the cake get filled and some brown parts of the cake visible while you spread the cream on the vertical side. Beautiful job well done.


You will have the satisfaction of successfully completing the base of the cake, the two cakes are glued with the cream will appear as one whole cake instead of two. The first layer is now ready.


Place the paper dish cutout on top of the 1st base cake


You can now start working with the second smaller diameter cake on top of the 1st base layer of the cake.


Repeat the process of filling and sealing on the second layer with strawberry, coconut filling. Now that you have got the hang of it "do it will FEELING" 🙂


Repeat the process for each layer as each layer is similar until the last and, the 4th layer is set.


Make sure each layer is always horizontal after all the cakes are well placed firmly the top layers must be held by the plastic tube and skewers.



Once the cake is set. It's now time for decoration with flowers of your choice. Start from the top and work your way down on one side.


There will be a tendency to overdo the flower part. Keep it simple and elegant.


After all the semi-naked coverage is ready, choose fresh flowers of your choice and decorate one of the sides using different kinds of colored flowers. This one was made with the bride's bouquet once the cake was only served later at night after the ceremony ended. For me, it´s one beautiful and original way of reusing the wedding bouquets instead of getting them dried or given to the maiden as many brides do.


The four layers require to be made separately and assembled with some precision. Requires some attention. You don't want a leaning tower of "Pisa" As you have to carry it to the serving table make sure it's stable and easy to carry after it's completed for that place a large square board to be carried to the location of the final cutting of the cake.

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