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Cumin Flaxseed Gomasio

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Cumin, Flax seeds, Brewer’s yeasts.  Cumin is used in India for thousands of years in culinary cuisines, and its health benefits are vast. Make a cup full and store it in your refrigerator for a week and add it to your salads. There are numerous herbs, seeds, and spices you can experiment with to make any variety of mixtures for topping on any of your meals according to your taste preference. 

When you want to have quick and tasty meals these are handy to have in the refrigerator for use instantly. This also enriches the flavor of the meal you want to serve your family and friends to make the meal special-

This will certainly be helpful when you have weak digestion as essential enzymes will stimulate the digestive system to function efficiently. There are also trace elements of omega oils in nuts herbs and spices.

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