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Bellows Posture (Bhastrikasana)

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Bhastrikasana, also known as the Bellows Posture, is a stretching asana practiced in yoga. This asana stretches the limbs and the decompresses the spine. It relieves lower back pain, and sciatica. It also removes gas from the stomach, eases constipation and indigestion. As this is also a calming asana, it relieves headache, and high blood pressure.

How to Execute Bhastrikasana:

  1. Lie on the back, with the spine aligned.
  2. Bring the right knee to the chest keeping it bent. Make sure that the left leg is straight and in contact with the floor.
  3. Wrap the arms around the the bent leg and hold this posture for 8 seconds, also holding your breath.
  4. Release the leg and straighten it assuming original position.
  5. Do the same for the left leg, and then for both knees bent.
Practice: Bellows Posture (Bhastrikasana) 8 rounds (1 round consisting of the right leg, the left leg, and both legs) x 8 seconds each

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