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Steps to Create Health, Vitality & Energy You Deserve every day!

Eating is pleasurable and a joyful affair, let’s maintain the overall health and vitality of the body and the entire system by selecting sentient food which s good for the body and mind. What drives your body is your mind! The drunken driver is a danger to oneself and others. Food that affects your mind negatively does not allow you to make proper decisions either, like too much alcohol. Select the quality of food you put into your system, and you will maintain optimal control of all your senses and thus develop the strength of mind. The vital energy that flows through the internal structure of the body and your skin will reflect with a shine on its surface.

Imagine you wake up every morning, fully refreshed and able to leap out of bed and jump-start your day fully powered by pure energy and passion – even with just a few hours of sleep? YOU know that nothing else matters without health. In a time of daily distractions and constant demands, we often neglect what we know is most important – only to regret our decisions when unhealthy lifestyles catch up to diminish the vital health needed to sustain a real vibrant life.  There are powerful strategies and distinctions to give you the psychological and emotional edge you need to get your body into a state of optimum health and peak vitality right now instead it is being “depleted by the fast-food industry” to get hooked to their ultra-processed, and vitality devoid foods.

You can learn and immediately apply specific steps to dramatically increase your energy levels – along with adequate nutritional and psychological strategies to bolster your immune system and improve your health and vitality. It’s time to take charge – seize the vibrant health and energy you deserve!

Simply Living Healthy.

Food needs to be sentient and energetic as our body is Bioelectrical; the power of food will and does influence our body & mind.
Each food contains electrical charges called bioelectric energy value which is in Megahertz ( i.e., 70-80 MHz Avocado, soaked almonds 40 to 45 Mhz, cooked food 8-10 MHz, hamburger 3-4 MHz)
Currently, industries produced food that contains little energy value and processed food have even less value (10-30 MHz).
The different location of organs in the body comes with particular MHz value and needs certain power levels to function at their optimum state. (Brain, Heart need 65 -75 Mhz to function)
Our blood in the body needs to be pH balanced.
The body needs to be alkaline, not acidic. pH goes from 0 to 14 (0 acid – 14 alkaline) Free-flowing reb blood cell able to move easily bring oxygen to tissue beds into the muscles, brains cells and various organs etc.

Image result for blood sticking together

When the body has too much acid, the blood cells stick together. (Since acid contains a positive charge.) they are unable to move freely around the body. This caused a lack of oxygen and later led to a lack of energy in the whole body.

Resultado de imagem para blood stuck together

When blood cells are stuck together, they are unable to perform these tasks efficiently.

Healthy blood cells are doughnut-shaped with a negative charge on the circumference called normocytes. They can flow freely and bounce off each blood cell preventing them from sticking together.

The body will then try to neutralize the acid using Fat, Calcium, Zinc, and Magnesium from other parts of the body to neutralize the acidic effect.
The more acid in the body, the more fats the body will generate to retain and buffer the acid cell.
If the body lacks fat, an acid body will consume calcium and other minerals from different parts of the body which can cause calcium depletion in the bones. Thus bones become weaker and fragile. One of the reasons why, after fifty years of age, we begin to lose bone density.
As we need fat to neutralize the acid, it’s important to have a balanced intake of essential oils for the bodies optimal function. Not all fat is bad; rather, excessive fat is bad.

Healthy fat: cold-pressed oil. Flag seed, sunflower seed, olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, hemp oil. Long-chain fat, e.g., Polyunsaturated fat.
The more sugar we eat will create more acid in the body.
Unconsumed Carbohydrates will become sugar, and they will produce acid.
Understanding which acid and alkaline food will help us to control the whole body system. Super hydrations are essential to supply water.
Breakfast: Avoid packed fruits juice. They contain lots of sugar.
UHT means using: Ultra High Temperature; this will destroy all living enzymes and valuable nutrition the body needs for digestion and other function of the body.
Lemon and Lime are alkaline.
Chocolate cake has 2-3 MHz (low energy)
Green vegetables have very high MHz. 70 to 90 MHz.
A rose has 320 MHz (its smell emanates from the air)

Recommended Food List. A SIMPLY SENTIENT optimal diet for body and Mind

The Ideal Shopping List for Vibrant Lifelong Health!

When first taking the step to change to an “Alkaline” diet, one might feel confused or unsure about how to start and what kinds of foods to buy. This sample shopping list will help you know what kinds of foods to stock so you can’t help but build your health every time you eat!

Acid foods: remove garlic leeks, onion, all kinds of meats from your diet if you like to have a clear mind and non-acidic body. Decide which is more important for your health. LONG term mental clarity and control over senses or few minutes of pleasure to satisfy your taste buds and constant mental agitation and feeling out of control. The mind becomes like chattering monkeys and wild horses.

During the transition, if you still have to eat meats select organic meats from small animals and fish should not be pregnant to allow for propagation of species.

Produce Section 

Bell Peppers
Dark Lettuce
Herbs of all kind fresh, dry, hot and spicy
Kale of different varieties
Parsley, Cilantro,
Red, New Potatoes
Seasonal fruit
Spinach, Terragonia (wild spinach)

All green leafy vegetables, all fruits/berries of different colours are essential as there are many similarities some specific fruits, nuts, vegetables, cereals in each country and it’s best to consume products grown in the local area.

Essential oils 

Argan oil (Comes from a particular region in Morrocco the seed look similar but smaller in size to almond nuts but totally different in taste and smell, Almond oil is also an important source of omegas fatty acids)
Borage oil
Coconut oil,
Flax Seed Oil
Grape Seed Oil
Hemp oil
Olive Oil
Macadamia oil
Sesame oil
Udo’s Choice- Perfected Oil Blend
There are other oils as well which are as important


All Lentils except red
All mung dal


Solarized water Structured Water
Coconut water, Reverse-Osmosis etc.


These are all Spice All-Purpose Blend
Curry Seasoning
Deliciously Dill
Garam Masala in small quantity.
Herbs de Provence
Italian Spice
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Cinnamon, Cumin, Cinnamon sticks and powder, Fresh ginger and  powder, Parsley,
Turmeric, Thyme, Fenugreek, Fennel seeds, Mustard, Asafoetida (Hing),

Sprouted bread

Rye, wheat, rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat etc.

Health Food Section 

Almond Butter
Almond Milk
Basmati Rice Basmati Rice
Brown Rice Cakes Buckwheat
Dulse Flakes
Flours (Spelt, millet, amaranth, etc.)
Rotini (quinoa, Spelt)
Soba Noodles (rice or buckwheat)
Soy Milk
All sprouts (seeds of any kind)
Sun-Dried Tomatoes (in olive oil)
Vegetable Broth (yeast-free)
Wild Rice


Bragg’s Aminos
Sea Salt, Himalayan pink and black salt
Real Salt Brand

Nuts/Seeds *

Hazel, Almonds
Brazil Nuts
Flax Seeds
Macadamia Nuts
Pecans (seasonal)
Pine Nuts
Pumpkin Seeds
Sesame Seeds
Sunflower Seeds
Walnuts (seasonal)

*all nuts/seeds are best raw and unsalted and soaked in water which activates its life force and enriched with enzymes for easy digestion efficient assimilation by the body.

Of course, you can also enjoy roasted and salted flavours which are so addictive 🙂

Seafood/Meat of small animals for non-vegetarians. 

Free-Range Chicken, Turkey
(Your body does not really require them but if you feel the need, eat occasionally)

For the sentient diet, remember to read all labels on packages!! Avoid product with garlic, onion, eggs, msg, mushrooms, aspartame, and refined sugar etc.

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