Plum Apple Sauce

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This Plum Apple Sauce has the ability to elevate any meal. However, most people are a little reserved when it comes to apple sauce because of its sweetness, and this is mostly because most people use store-bought variety with added sugars and chemicals. Still, hopefully, this recipe will convince you why this sauce should be your number condiment choice, especially since all ingredients used are natural.

Plum Apple Sauce is naturally sweet and sour. This sauce is enhanced by apple cider vinegar and dark brown sugar ( demerara sugar). Regarding plums, when it’s dry, it’s called prunes, and the juice is a natural laxative, so don’t overuse prune juice in recipes unless you have constipation and have difficulties discharging your waste.

This recipe is delicious when you use in-season plums and apples. There is something about the freshness and richness in the taste of fruit in season, and this recipe will show you that. The apple cider vinegar and soy sauce cut the sweetness of the apples, plums, and brown sugar while adding a wonderful sour flavor.

If you like your apple sauce a little spicy, you can add some chili and cinnamon, and you will love it. The preparation process is really simple, and it keeps well in a tightly sealed jar in the fridge. Enjoy!

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