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Tempeh with Sweet Sour Sauce

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Tempeh with a creamy sweet-sour sauce is a healthy spin of one of the most commonly ordered Chinese takeout. If you love tofu, then you are going to go nuts for tempeh. It is related to tofu in the sense that it is prepared from fermented soya beans and the best part about tempeh is that you don’t need to endure the arduous draining process of tofu.

Being soy-based, tempeh is an amazing source of protein and for the best health benefits, go for gluten-free tempeh. There are so many ways of preparing tempeh. You can choose first to marinate your tempeh before frying. However, we will skip the marination process for this tempeh with sweet and sour sauce and jump into the frying process as the tempeh will beautifully soak up the sweet and sour sauce.

This tasty tempeh with sweet, sour sauce can be used as part of so many recipes. You can choose to serve it on a bed of rice; you can use it as a taco filler, in chili, barbeque, or even gyros as a high protein meat substitute.

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