Essence Sprout Bread

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“EAT your FOOD as your MEDICINE or else you have to EAT your MEDICINE as your FOOD”

Sprouted essence bread is a very old recipe made during the biblical days, the era of Christ, where it was medicinal and traditional curative food for the old, frail, anemic, and for those with malady to recover quicker. Cooked in the open on a rock as the sun rises the temperature rises and by evening the bread is cooked.

In the middle east, the suns’ scorching heat rises temperature to the extreme during the day and clear skies send the temperature trembling to extreme low at night. The daily experience of making and eating this bread kept me completely nourished. You will not want to eat any other kind of bread anymore.

Unlike normal bread, sprouted wheat bread is deliciously when made precisely well and tastes remarkably luscious and moist like a dessert. I used to produce roughly 20 to 30 little buns of Sprouted wheat bread according to the orders of a natural organic food store 3 times a week and people love them.

You must love essence sprout bread to make it, as it takes a very long time. You have to soak the berries, sprout them, crush or grind them, finally bake them for 3 hours at a low temperature. Here is one of the few loaves of bread that you have to bake at low temperatures.

To not lose preferably to enjoy the naturally forming sweetness, live enzymes, the rich, moist texture from the entire manner of producing these distinctive essence bread. These bread are also available at most natural food stores. Where most of us live, using our modern techniques is more suitable and convenient. Baking at shallow oven temperatures of 40 °C and below will yield an optimal quality essence bread.

There are many steps as there are many ways to make this sprouted bread. From my 3 year experience of making this bread, I found this a valuable skill and provided immense knowledge on healing people with this bread purely from a health perspective. It obvious why people from the biblical era made them and served the weak, old, and infirm.

Sprout Wheat bread

Bread Middle eastern
By Dadaji Serves: 3
Prep Time: 2-3 days to sprout Cooking Time: 3 hours Total Time: 3 days

Essence Sprouted bread is a healthy alternative to your regular bread with plenty of nutrients especially vitamins and minerals.


  • 2 cups of wheat berries
  • 4 cups of water.
  • Soak for 6-8 hours.



There are few steps to take before you can enjoy sprouts bread.


First, rinse the wheat berries in water and wash thoroughly, drain the water, then in a large bowl, add fresh water and allow wheatberries to submerge and soak for 6- 8 hours.


Ensure that you add sufficient water and keep the bowl covered. The wheatberries will soak up substantial water.


Drain the berries in a colander, and keep the berries in a covered container in your cabinet away from the sun for 2 to 3 days of growth depending on moisture and the temp of your place.


Rinse the berries about once every morning until they begin to sprout.


To have the best quality bread, you must not allow the sprout to grow beyond the size of the berry. If that happens, your bread will be very soft and will not form the shape you desire; it will come out flat like a cake. Trial and error is the game to get a really nice formed bread. This is the challenge. Some may add flour, in my opinion, which defeats the purpose of pure sprout bread.


Once sprouts are ready, grind in a food processor. Gently scrape the mashed grain onto a bowl and form 2 half or three-quarters tennis-sized round balls depending on the amount of mushed grain you have. Place the balls onto a tray and cover with foil. Place in the oven and bake for 3 hours.


Preheating the oven is not required. Allow the bread to cool on the tray. If there was not much moisture, you will get a small bun-like bread. On the other hand, as may happen and there was too much moisture as the sprouts grow slightly larger than they should have, the bread will form into one large flat cake even though you will have an exceptional time eating the bread.

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