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Kaos’ikii, the Yogic Dance

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Kaoshikii is a dance which was invented in 1978 by Shrii Shrii Anandamurti. It is a psycho-spiritual exercise and benefits the mind by developing stamina and strength of mind. Physically, also, kaoshikii is especially good for women. 

The name Kaoshikii comes from the Sanskrit word kosa, meaning “layer of mind”. Kaoshikii develops the subtler layers of mind, cultivating the feeling of mysticism – the endeavour to establish a link between the finite and the infinite – in one’s consciousness. It instills self-confidence and encourages self-expression. It is a total body exercise, and a medicine in itself. It prolongs the lifespan, keeping the body youthful, strengthens the leg joints, increases flexibility and endurance, prevents and cures disease (including many types of liver diseases) and eases the pain of menstruation and childbirth, enabling easy delivery.

Benefits of Kaoshikii

1. It exercises all the glands and limbs from head to foot.
2. It increases longevity.
3. It makes for easy delivery.
4. The spine will become flexible.
5. Arthritis of the spine, neck, waist and other joints will be removed.
6. Gout in the spine, neck, hands and waist will be lost.
7. The mind becomes strong and sharp.
8. Irregularities in menstruation will be cured.
9. Glandular secretions will become regulated.
10. Troubles in the bladder and urethra will be cured.
11. It gives control over the limbs.
12. It adds charm and shine to the face and skin.
13. It removes wrinkles.
14. It removes lethargy.
15. It cures insomnia.
16. It cures hysteria.
17. Fear complexes will be removed.
18. Hopelessness will be lost.
19. It helps in self-expression and develops one’s potentiality.
20. Spinal pain, piles, hernia, hydrocele in men, nervous pain, nervous disability will be cured.
21. It cures kidney and gall bladder troubles, gastric trouble, dyspepsia, acidity, dysentery, syphilis, gonorrhoea, obesity, thinness and liver diseases.
22. It increases the capacity to work until 75-80 years of age.

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