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Korma lunch

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Dada asked me, are we going to have lunch? We will go out for lunch and no need to bother you. Then Dada said, “It’s no bother at all, will be a pleasure to prepare lunch for us.” A regular working day turned into a beautiful day with a lunch made by Dada for my Friends. First scoop in, and Amanda went: “mmm” we don’t need meat with this incredible food.” Then Josie “Words cannot describe this lunch.” Finally, Madelaine “Absolutely terrific.” A spectacular emperor´s korma lunch indeed.

Our lunch to introduce my friends to dadas cooking. Dada’s way of “what’s in the kitchen recipe is to prepare at the moment in an hour was pleasantly delightful. First, Dada had korma sauce pre-prepared; he mixed it with sauteed purple sweet potatoes, cubes of carrots, slices of fennel bulb strips, cubed fresh fuji apples, and a whole tomato cubed. Next, these ingredients were sauteed in coconut oil, mustard seeds, and salts, finally adding the pre-prepared korma sauce and allowing the entire dish to simmer and come together for 20 minutes.

For a salad, Dada had been sprouting lentils for three days which he mixed sweet peas and slices of tiny seedless grapes cut into small cubes to go with a sauce of finely grated beetroot soaked in a sauce of miso, soya sauce, sesame oil, apple vinegar, honey. The touch of sweet, bitter wild orange chutney had tremendous flavors oozing out. He had marinated the chutney with spices, prepared two months ago at another friend’s house.

Then, he designed another delicious item with cooked mung beans mixed with grated coconut, salt, and soya sauce. And finally bringing all the lunch together with a spongy pancake made of raw rice soaked overnight and blended into a smooth paste mixed with gram flour powder thyme, salt, and water. The recipe for chutney and pancakes is on the link.
My friends and I had a marvelously delightful working lunch. “mmmm.”

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