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Half Bath – Vya’pak Shaoca (thorough cleanliness)

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Half Bath – Vya’pak Shaoca or thorough cleanliness helps the entire body to experience a diving reflex allowing the whole body to calm down as the metabolism slows down. The Half bath is a practice that is done before meditation, practicing asanas, eating, and sleeping. Cool water is to be used for this practice, however, in very cold weather, using lukewarm water is permissible.

How to execute Half Bath (Vyápaka Shaoca):

  1. Empty the bladder bowels if needed. Wash the urinary organ with water. Then wash the hands with soap.
  2. Wash the hands up until the elbows (no soap needed).
  3. Take a mouthful of water and hold your breath for 12 seconds or more if needed, splashing water onto the open eyes.
  4. Splash water onto the face, behind the ears, and neck.
  5. Blow the nose to clear any nasal passages from mucus.
  6. If the stomach is empty, flush the nostrils with water ( na’sa’pa’na’). Cup some water into the hand and tilt the head back. Gently tip the water down each nostril three times (blow or spit it out).
  7. Clean from the knees down to the feet with running water or with wet hands
  8. After this, the Bath Mantra should be recited.

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