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Living with a chronic respiratory disease is complicated and having to deal with a crisis takes a toll on your mind and body. Any chronic obstructive pulmonary disease do not appear overnight. These come from improper lifestyle and diet, and symptoms cannot be ignored. All conditions will cause the quality of life to steadily drop for those affected. Natural substances or breathing techniques to relieve some symptoms for improving lung health can be a godsend.

The importance of changing your diet overnight is a challenge for anyone. Simply juicing is a shortcut to sending a wholesome bundle of nutrients, vitamins, minerals to enhance blood flow delivering crucially needed oxygen to every part of the body will increase your energy and ultimately help to heal,  your entire system and recover spontaneously. 

Regularly Juicing for fourteen or twenty days is a process of allowing the body to absorb raw food. As happend with to many of my friends with severe liver, stomach, kidney, heart and colon problems. Once vegetables and fruit juices are squeezed out naturally from the pulp separating the fiber, the body can absorb all the vitamins and minerals without much work for the digestive system. 

We know the fibers and skin of vegetables and fruits have essential nutrients. As these fresh juices are naturally packed with crucial daily vitamins and nutrients needed for your health. For most illnesses, especially when it comes to chronic disease, it is vital to diminish or even totally remove inflammation immediately. Any inflammation in the region of airways passages  is a major cause of lung disease, and symptoms of accessive mucus formation due to inflammation will block the airways.

The main airways in our lungs are called (bronchi) it branches off into tiny, smaller passageways to the minutest branches call bronchioles leading to air sacs (alveoli). 

Juice for healthy Lungs to decrease this inflammation (internal swelling) and diminish the airways’ constraint is core to vigorous breathing. There are carotenoids, chemical compounds found in mangos, carrots, ginger, radish, and plums, necessary for the healthy maintenance of mucus membranes in the lung tissue. The juices combined with special breathing techniques will help promote healing and remove congestion to protect lung cells eventually.

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