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Purple Rain Gut Balance

Purple cabbage: Benefits of cabbage is that the juice can balance out the gut bacteria. Imbalance in the gut bacteria is a major problem for most people consuming highly processed foods. Very high count of Bacteroidetes bacteria breaks down, transforms and consumes all that you eat thus you don’t put on weight. A high count of Firmicutes bacteria will make you hold on to weight even when you only eat a tiny bit of food. Thus Firmicutes make you obese and Bacteriodetes make you leaner. When the gut bacteria is in imbalance all your emotions as well can go haywire. The imbalance happens due to consumption of overly processed foodstuff contains much, like refined sugar, corn syrup, white flour, alcohol, all kinds of processed and chemically enhanced meat proteins. How do fermented foods help the guts to heal you?

Fermented vegetables

Sauerkraut, Korean vegetables like kimchi and Japanese plums called umeboshi are salted and allowed to ferment with the help of Lactic acid bacteria. This bacteria helps to maintain the colonies of gut microbes in balance.  Vegetables and fruits can be made into fermented foods which have naturally occurring probiotics. Chinese make it into preserves, Indians make into pickles, Japanese make it into Tsukemono, Korean make it into Kimchi. Europeans make it into Saucekrauts. All these are foods rich in probiotics which have become mainstream health foods today. The culture of food preservation is very ancient as people those days traveled long distances they had to carry food which can last a long time as well. They had no Walmart, Carrefour, Auchan, Soho, Sainsbury, Jumbo etc. Good for the ancient silk roads travelers and thanks to them, good for us today as we can heal ourselves naturally.

Coming back to purple cabbages, everyone has most likely eaten cabbage at least once in a lifetime in some form or another: in salads, baked, fried, steamed, cooked etc. It’s such a common food that we don’t give it much importance anymore because it’s commonly available all around the year all over the planet. The cruciferous vegetables like red cabbage are different not just because of its color. The big advantage with Red cabbage is it’s able to relieve Celiac, IBS symptoms, and various other intestinal problems by balancing out the gastrointestinal conditions caused mainly due to overconsumption of processed foods. Purple cabbage as is sometimes called is eaten raw in salads, can be steamed,

Purple cabbage as it’s sometimes called is eaten raw in salads, can be steamed, braized, sauteed and made into saucer kraut. As Sauer Kraut provides the benefits of probiotics which are naturally forming bacteria due to the fermentation process that helps in digestion. All fibrous foods prevent constipation and red cabbage’s insoluble fiber is excellent for bowel movements. Include this tasty veggie, red cabbages in your diet rotation. The variety of color in your vegetables will provide your body with most of the nutrients needed for balance body mind and health. 🙂

Now that more and more studies are being done on the guts. Modern medicine is beginning to proof ancient medicine worthwhile. There used to be a saying that farmers are happy people, always cheerful and very giving and sacrificing by nature. There many reasons why they were healthy and used to live easily to the ages of 95 to 110. That was before Monsanto and Bayer the present day industries who produce chemically polluted agricultural fertilizer and pesticides which not only destroys the natural bugs and the earth, it actually kills you as well very slowly. One day they too will be loved, tamed and transformed by LOVE for people instead of love for paper which they think gives them the false sense of power & security 🙂

Coming back to our happy farmers. This means happy guts, happy organs, happy body and happy mind. Whoa ! Gut bacteria can make you happy. YES! M.Vaccae is a bacteria in the guts that provokes the secretion of serotonin. Check it out!

As kids we were always happy, as we used to play so much in the wild, playing in the forest, rolling in the sand, in the rain than in the mud, and were all over the place yes! Not so much today! Well, for the same reason, natural farmers spend their entire days working on the land with their hands and they get dirty. Inevitably bacterias from the earth end up into their system through their fingernails and skin, breathing and eventually their internal system as well. Microbiome Vaccae is one of them that crawls into their system and makes them happy. 🙂 When you look at organic farmers hands even today they are very DIRTY but this is so good.

How? Well, it seems researchers today have proven that M. Vaccae bacterias actually help the pineal gland secrete serotonin. Serotonin has been known as “Amrta” or divine nectar in Sanskrit for thousands of years as the “Excelsior of life” by yogis of the past. The brain produces these substances naturally when the body is prepared. On new moon and full moon days, there is a higher secretion of this hormone to make you feel Good and feel God 🙂 Researchers have isolated molecules that explain these phenomena.  Science calls DMT (Dimethyltryptamine) the god molecule. Yes and No. Today many technics are used to achieve those exalted states but it’s not easy to access those deeper sensations without proper guidance training and regular practice, more of that in a later blog post.

A little story to end. Once an old master was very serenely walking through a small town while walking on one of the streets which were leading to the outer parts of the town where he was heading. A man walked out of a liquor shop fully drunk, wobbling along the same street as the master, he came close to the master. In his drunken state, he observed that the master’s eyes were red as well and the drunkard man thought the master must somehow be drunk too. So he too walked along with the master for some time thinking that he was being in good company of a fellow drunkard. The master noticed the drunkard and smiled at him but did not say anything and kept on his path. Approaching the outer parts of the town it was getting late and the sun was setting. The master decided to rest under a shady tree, so he found a quiet place, cleaned the space and set in meditation under the tree. The drunkard observing the master sat some ways from him and observed the master just sitting straight in place and doing nothing, trying to observe the master, slowly the drunkard fell asleep on the ground some distance away from the master.

As the sunrise in the morning stirred up the drunkard man who was by now sober.  He rubbed his eyes with his fists, yawned, rolled over and stretched out. He slowly uncurled himself and very delicately stood up then was wondering where he was at? Looking around the area he was a person dressed in a strange robe sitting in meditation and vaguely remembered that he was walking with someone the previous night. As his tipsiness had worn out he had a vague clarity of the situation.

He now realized that it was the same person he was walking with the night before. As the not, so drunkard man was observing and strangely looking at the master meditating, still not knowing what the master was doing. He moved forward and curiously staring at the master in front of him. The master opened his eyes, who had been in deep meditation all night and look directly at the man in front of him and just smiled broadly.

As the master observed that the man who had been walking by his side the night before, had become sober just kept on smiling at him. The man looked at the master intently and saw that the master’s eyes were just as red as it was the previous night before! He asked the master still thinking that he was drunk. He got profoundly curious, so he leaned over to the master and asked the master, “Where do you buy your wine?”. The master smiled at him broadly, like looking at a little child called him over to his side and whispered into his ears, “I make my own”

In short playing in the dirt is good! Bacteria enters your body and makes you feel happy. Wha la be happy!

Purple Rain Gut Balance

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Serves: 4-6 Cooking Time: 30 mins


  • 4 apples
  • 2 cucumber
  • 1/4 red bell pepper
  • 4 sticks of celery
  • 1 lemon with skin
  • 1/2 red cabbage
  • 1 thumb size ginger
  • 1 cup of green grapes
  • 4 kale leaves medium dark green



Wash and cut all veggies and fruits to fit into the slow juicer and extract the juice or,


If you don't have a slow juicer use a strong blender eg: Vitamix, blend tech, Bimby to blend it and squeeze out the juice by filtering in on a cheese cloth.


Any home blender will do just fine if you use small portions to blend at a time.




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