Sweet Potato Zucchini Sauce

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Sauces are very versatile and can be made with fruits, nuts, vegetables, oils, and other liquids. This is where you can let your creativity shine through by experimenting with ingredients to develop your own signature sauce recipe. 

This particular sauce is made of orange sweet potato, zucchini, lemon juice, balsamic vinegar, coconut oil, Himalayan salt, fresh thyme, and fresh basil to create a smooth, thick, sweet, and tangy sauce with a new herbs flavor that is delicately tied into the sauce by the coconut oil.

Sweet potatoes are a sweet root vegetable that comes in white, orange, and purple colors and is endowed with antioxidants, vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Orange sweet potatoes have a higher dose of potent antioxidants that protect your body from oxidative stress caused by free radicals. These free radicals have been linked to causing severe chronic illnesses such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, inflammatory diseases, and premature aging.

Sweet potatoes are also rich in fiber which helps boost digestive health. For example, it provides relief for constipation due to the soluble fibers that soften your stool. These soluble fibers are also cultured by the good bacteria in your gut lining, creating short-chain fatty acids that strengthen the cells of your gut lining.

Zucchini is a summer squash that has been used in traditional medicine to provide relief for body aches, flu, and other health conditions thanks to antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins, and other potent plant compounds that it possesses. It is In addition, it great immune booster and also helps improve your eye health.

A sauce is an essential part of any exquisite meal; it gives flavor, acts as a bridge between the different dishes of a meal, lunch, or dinner, and provides a beautiful visual that whets your appetite; after all, you first eat with your eyes.  A  sauce adds color, moisture, richness in texture to give a tasty delight. In all cultures, sauces play a vital role in enhancing the main dishes, entrees, side dishes, salads, and dips as well, on any occasion.

Appetizers served in different forms have liquid, creamy, semi-liquid, or solids and are used in various food preparations. In Latin, they have salsa, meaning salted, which combines fresh fruit and vegetable blends and spices and was adopted by the French as a sauce. Guacamole, which is any sauce with an avocado base, a Chutney mix of spices with fruits or vegetables, Salsa

A must-try sauce is a cherry salsa, especially when cherries are a fabulous fruit sauce. It is sweet, tangy, juicy, and when you spice it just right, it’s amazing as a topping for many types of grills, potatoes or veggies, tofu, steamed vegetables—mix cherries with cilantro and basil for a sweet red pasta sauce.

To make cherry salsa, combine 4 cups chopped cherries with pits removed, one each, red and green bell peppers finely chopped, juice of one lime, 1 cup finely chopped fresh cilantro leaves, one jalapeño seeded and finely chopped. You can use either cilantro, basil, or both. Mix all the ingredients well and chill for 1-2 hours to have a great fusion of flavors.

Sweet Potato Zucchini Sauce gives you new flavors, which is something you want to try.  It will bring your experience of taste to another level.

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