Turmeric Tempeh Tamarind Sauce

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Here is another variation on how to use and prepare tempeh: Tempeh with Tamarind sauce. Tempeh can take on the taste and flavors you add to the dish. It is excellent to make this healthy fermented dish a versatile staple to have in your pantry. Another beautiful, potent element to the dish is Turmeric. In India, turmeric powder is sacredly used for thousands of years for its limitless natural health benefits. The West has recently caught up to understand its advantages, and today turmeric powdered is touted as another superfood.

In reality, all foods are superfoods, period. As we now rediscover the truth about nutrition that our ancestors living connected to nature naturally realized and practiced using them knew how they prevent and improve health and well-being. The benefits of spices, vegetables, fruits, roots, and herbs from hundreds of years of use increased longevity and strength. Let’s renew this joy of the zest of life with this turmeric tempeh tamarind sauce that boosts protein and magnesium. 

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