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Vegetable Broth for Soups

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Whenever I cook, I’ve noticed loads of trimmings and peelings discard from the fruits or vegetables. There are still some excellent nutrients you can extract these minerals from by slow cooking in pretty low heat. Throwing them out seems to be a bit of a waste. But there’s one way to save these by turning them into a beautiful vegetable broth for soups. 

Broths are excellent as a soup base or a component for a rich, beautiful sauce. It’s also one excellent way to achieve zero waste. The fiber from fruits and vegetables is called cellulose which contains minerals that most of us discard. When cooking on low heat, the mineral oozes out into the water and allows for quick absorption during comsuption. 

Next time you have accumulated fruits and vegetables cut off, follow the recipe below to make this great zero-waste vegetable broth flavorful and nutritious.


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