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In Ayurvedic traditional healing practices, Ashwagandha pure root is one of the most potent healing herbs used for several centuries.

Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) is a very revered herb of the Indian Ayurvedic system of medicine as a Rasayana (tonic). It is used for various kinds of disease processes and especially as a nervine tonic.

Ashwagandha is most well-known for its restorative and therapeutic benefits and is utilized for a wide variety of ailments. It’s is a Samskrta word, a permutation of the word ashva, meaning horse, and gandha, meaning smell. Over the millennia, roots have widespread use. They have a distinct aroma, described as “horse-like” or “the smell of a horse,” signifying that the herb imparts and enhances vital force with the power and stamina of a stallion. Due to their natural properties, the herbs have traditionally been prescribed to help strengthen their immune system and rejuvenate after an illness.

Ashwagandha healing properties are frequently referred to as the “ginseng of India ” without the stimulating effects of ginseng. Its roots are powdered for use, and it has a beautiful fruit that is capsulated in yellow flowers bearing a red fruit about the size of a hazelnut growing in a plump shrub with oblong leaves. The herbal plant thrives in its native, dry regions of India, northern Africa, and the Middle East, Southern parts of Europe like Italy, Spain, and Portugal also grown in more mild climates.

The Ayurvedic industry has made ashwagandha into capsules these days for easy use as a medicine for common symptoms such as Stress disorder, lack of energy, fatigue, and concentration. Arthritis, Anxiety, Insomnia, tumors, tuberculosis, skin problems, backache, liver diseases, bronchitis, menstrual problems and is also used as an “adaptogen” to help the body cope with daily stress and as a general tonic.

Take them regularly to enjoy most of the healing benefits: Reduce anxiety and depression, Combat effects of stress, Increase stamina and endurance, Prevent and treat cancer, Reduce brain cell degeneration, Stabilize blood sugar, Lower cholesterol, Boost immunity. Like a stallion, you become strong 🙂

If there is a star amongst the herds, Ashwagandha improves and maintains healthy thyroid glands. How adaptogens work is still a mystery to the scientific community, the good thing is they know it works. It is extremely effective for the thyroid gland and especially for balancing the secretion of thyroid hormones called thyroxine in both cases for people who suffer from both hypo and hyperthyroid issues. When you can include two yoga postures and maintain a sentient diet, you can prevent unnecessary operations from removing this crucial gland which is the base for maintaining your metabolism and emotions.

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