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Rheumatism Relief and Prevention

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Rheumatism symptoms: Swelling and contractures of the muscles or different joints, acute pain or deformity of the swollen parts, etc., are the symptoms of this disease.

The causes:  of this disease are just like those of acidity. That is to say; rheumatism occurs when the (váyu) bodily air is disturbed due to excessive poisonous acids in the body.

Rheumatism Relief and Prevention: Rheumatism patients should drink a sufficient quantity of water between four to five liters a day, slowing in a small quantity at a time. Also, observe the bathing and sunbathing procedures. First, expose the diseased limb several times to the rays of the sun, and finally, the entire body.

The prescribed procedure for sunbathing should be carefully followed, that is, exposing the particular limb or the whole body to the sun for fifteen to twenty minutes at a stretch at the time fixed for summer or winter months. When the particular limb or the entire body, as the case may be, has become sufficiently warm, the patient should retire to the shade and wipe the area with a wet towel several times.

Diet: When a person’s system becomes acid-dominated, rheumatism is the consequence. Hence the more a patient takes alkaline types of food, the better. If three-fourths of the food is alkaline, it will cure rheumatism entirely within a concise time experiment with this tested natural smoothie. That is to say, all kinds of sweet and sour fruits, and roots, are suitable for a rheumatism patient. In addition, there are tremendous benefits to fasting with lemon juice and water. The best days to observe fasting are on ekádashii (3 days before the full and new moon), púrńimá ( full moon), and amávasyá (new moon).

It is better to take relatively dry food like Whole grain bread at night and always better for rheumatism patients to take as little as possible starchy and acidic food such as rice, and white bread. Instead, take fruits, roots, vegetable soups, etc., which are alkaline. For example, it is best to have miso soup with ginger and algae such as wakame and kombu in the evening. 

Juicing: Regular juice and smoothies with various green vegetables, wild berries, and fruit juices during the day will bring tremendous benefits to those areas affected by rheumatism. 

Basic yoga postures and massage will specifically aid to overcome pain. The dance of Kaoshiki will also bring about regular relief as the joints and muscles begin to strengthen. 

Dos and don’ts Just as for acidity, special care must be taken to clear the bowels regularly. For that, take sufficient fibrous food during the day. Some special remedies prescribed for acidity are also applicable to this disease.

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