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Corpse Posture (Shavasana)

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Shavasana, otherwise known as Corpse Posture is a relaxation posture practiced in yoga. It comes from the Samskrta word ‘Sava’ which means corpse and ‘Asana’ which means posture. This posture is great as a relaxation posture after yoga exercise as it slows down and regulates the heartbeat, calming the central nervous system in the process. This aids in boosting the immune system and digestive system. It also reduces fatigue, anxiety, and helps with headaches. This posture is perfect for those who have high blood pressure and heart problems. It’s also beneficial for those who are required to excessive mental labor in reading and writing.

How to Execute Shavasana:

  1. Lie on your back, with spine aligned all muscles relaxed, much like a corpse.
  2. Keep the legs on the floor, aligned with the spine and the head and keep the arms to the side.
  3. Sustain this position for 2-10 minutes.
Practice: Corpse Posture (Shavasana) Sustain the position for as long as prescribed, between 2-10 minutes.

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