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Action Posture (Karmasana)

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Karmasana or the Action posture is a yoga asana that consists of two parts, that involves stretching of the arms, back and side muscles. This asana activates the lower five cakras, stretching the arms, the back, the legs, the side. It is great as a wake up or warm up exercise as it energizes a lethargic person.

How to Execute Karmasana:

Part A:

  1. Stand on both feet, keeping the body aligned to the spine.
  2. Place both hands behind the back, fingers interlocked and palms together.
  3. Keep the lower body stable (somewhere below the navel) and start moving the upper body in four directions, as in Padahastasana, except that both arms are placed behind the back.
  4. Bend the upper body to the left, exhaling, and hold this position for eight seconds while holding your breath.
  5. When the body bends to the left, move the interlocked hands to the right. Remember that when your body is bent, your left arm should touch your back and stay there while you hold this position.
  6. Go back to the original position, inhaling.
  7. Practice the same on the other side.
  8. Now bend downward, exhaling slowly. as you bend, raise the arms, keeping it straight with both fingers interlocked).Bring the head as low as possible. Keep the knees straight.
  9. Resume original position, inhaling.
  10. Bend the upper body backward, exhaling slowly again. This time let the arms with interlocked fingers stretch straight down and hold the position for 8 seconds. Then revert to the original position, inhlaing.

Part B:

Practice all of the above in a kneeling position, except for the following differences:

  1. While bending forward, the forehead should touch the floor.
  2. While bending backward, the interlocked fingers should nearly touch the soles of the feet.
Practice: Action Posture (Karmasana) 4 rounds, each round consisting of all actions in A&B x 8 seconds per action.

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