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Frog Posture (Mandukasana)

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Mandukasana, also known as Frog Posture is a seated asana in yoga practice. This comes from the Samskrta words ‘Manduka’ which means frog, and ‘Asana’, which means pose or posture. This asana is great in strengthening the legs, the core muscles and the arms. It also lengthens the spine.

People with arm and wrist injuries or problems should be careful in practicing this asana. Seek clearance from the doctor or physical therapist if needed.

How to Execute Mandukasana:

  1. Sit in Padmasana.
  2. Place the arms beside the knees.
  3. Reach both hands underneath the lower limbs.
  4. Place both palms on the floor, both hands clasping each other.
  5. Lift the body away from the floor, placing its weight on the palms.
  6. Skip forward three times, using the weight of the palms to balance and propel movement.
  7. Skip backward three times as well.
  8. All the steps above compose one round.
Practice: Frog Posture (Mandukasana) 3 rounds x 3 times forward and 3 times backward

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