Sweet Buckwheat Stack

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The mild reddish color of the pancake is due to the mixture of soaked red beans in the batter of buckwheat. This is a semi-raw version giving it a full body of nutrition for your children to enjoy regularly. It was so much fun to prepare them for the kids who were running around while making them.  Add your favorite topping and enjoy. 

You will love these quick and easy gluten-free pancakes. For these versions of pancakes, keep them thick and don’t spread the batter out. Pancakes with maple syrup or honey make every kid and adult happy campers every time. Here is how to make buckwheat pancakes.

Spread some hazelnut butter or any cream of your choice over each pancake and stake it up as high as you like. Not too high thou if don’t want it to collapse when you cut it. The inside looks super. You can garnish with any wild fruits, blueberries, cranberries, raspberries, etc.

Buckwheat is commonly mistaken for a cereal, however, it is actually a rhubarb-related fruit seed. It is not a type of wheat or related in any way. Rather a short-season crop that grows swiftly and thrives on low-fertility or acidic soils. It ripens in 10-11 weeks after sowing. Buckwheat seed is used whole or ground into flour, buckwheat flower nectar is used to make rich honey, and the hulls that enclose the seed are used as upholstery fillers.


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