Lemon + H2O for longevity

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Lemon + H2O for longevity

Drink fresh water in the morning after waking is fundamental for your health, and one of the ways to keep your body clean. 

We breathe on an average of 21600 breaths per 24 hours. When you are asleep, during the night, however long it may be, you are dehydrating through every breath to exhale. Now in the morning, the first thing to do is to hydrate the body with liquid. Coffee will stimulate and boost you for a moment, and then you will need another stimulation after it has lost the stimulus. Instead, if you drink warm water with lemon, you will energize your body and remain clear, focused for a longer time. To maintain a neutral state of balance and stay active much longer throughout the day.

Like most people today who are pressed for time and are concern about their health but are so busy with their work, family, friend, constantly on the phone, what’s app., have no time to make their fresh green juice with fresh vegetables. So the simplest way is to drink in the morning after you get up, squeeze the lemon juice into a glass cup add a warm water pinch of salt or 1/4 tsp for a cup. One of the fasters ways for your long-term health, it is easy, simple, and cheap.

There are various varieties of lemons, are sweet lime, yellow lemon, green lemon, baby lime with the inside yellow and orange in color, etc. All of them contain citrus juice vitamin c and skin has essential oil. You can make lemon skin tea of it. The beauty and goodness of this humble citrus fruit are its tremendous healing benefits for your health and well-being.

Whole lemon, celery stick with cucumber, kale, and ginger, coriander in the morning freshly squeezed yourself is the best instead of buying that’s already pressed and on the shop shelves for days.

Now let’s do a quick history tour on lemon water because it’s quite fascinating, the history of Lemons and Lemon Water. 

There is nothing better to quench your thirst in the scorching heat, is lemon water (Nimbu Paani in north India) or some fresh tropical cocktail! I was somewhat surprised to find out that the lemon we use so commonly is manufactured. The real history of lemons’ origins is unknown. This fruit was first grown in Assam northeast of India, northern Burma (now Myanmar), and China. A study into its genetic background reported that it’s a hybrid between bitter orange and citron. There are four wild true-breeding trees – key lime, pomelo, citron, and tangerine.

All other varieties of citrus are derived from these four. Botanists are even doubtful that one or more of those four may also be a hybrid species, which means that orange is also human-made. It is a hybrid of pomelo and mandarin. Lemons are thought to have originated in the North West region of India where they were cultivated for over 2,500 years.

It makes sense that this morning ritual was rooted in the ancient science of Ayurveda which used lemon water to help loosen “ama”, or toxins, and stimulate digestion, clear sinusitis, improve liver congestion, and smooth skin, and has much more benefits. Ancient Egyptians are said to have used lemons and lemon juice as a protection against many poisons (and for embalming dead bodies, nice!).

The Ancient Greeks utilized lemons to preserve food, cleanse water, and even treat specific illnesses. This fruit was then later introduced into Spain, North Africa, then later to the rest of Europe, and in 1493, brought by Christoper Columbus in seed form to the Americas. Probably most famously, in 1747 Scottish physician James Lind used lemons and lemon water to treat scurvy amongst sailors suffering from Vitamin C deficiency (even though Vitamin C was not the known cause at the time).

Here is the good stuff of drinking lemon juice with warm water in the morning. 

There several benefits, and here are seven powerful benefits.

  1. Helps to Flush Out Toxins. (Ama in Ayurveda is a toxin)
  2. Overnight your liver goes to work while you’re sleeping to help restore and regenerate your body. During this process, it naturally accumulates toxins which are collected for release the next day. Drinking lemon water in the morning helps to support the liver function and flush out toxins while also giving the liver the hydration it needs to operate more efficiently.
  3. Animal studies even show that citric acid helps to protect liver function and prevent oxidative damage helping to support your liver’s role in detoxification. 
  4. Additionally, lemons (and limes) contain micro mineral salts which help the body break down pathogens such as bacteria, mold, yeast, and fungus and help protect the liver’s immune system. 
  5. When drinking warm water in the morning helps the system to clear accumulated fat, just like oil is easily flushed out with hot water in the same warm water assists the system in flushing fat out. 
  6. Prevents uric acid from accumulating in the system.
  7. Lemon’s citric acid clears the sinuses, and it helps to keep the liver clean, thus helping to keep the skin smooth.

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