How to Sprout Fenugreek Seeds

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General Sprout Fenugreek Seeds growing guide and tips:

SPROUTING is like babysitting, and you have to dedicate time to the sprouts. It is worth all the effort as you get super-duper nutrients from them for a healthy life. The vital energy you gain from sprouts is nothing compared to any other food source. The pure vitality of a seed germinating has tremendous health benefits for anyone recovering from any illness.

The most essential for growing sprouts is absolute cleanliness as for all sprouts. Frequently rinsing each tray of sprouts is vital for its growth and development. Emphasis on thoroughly rinsing is critical for safe, clean sprouts. We have typically germinated for 2-5 days prior to consumption, depending on the climate. After that, refrigeration helps to slow down growth to an ideal stage for storage and use.

Rocket Fenugreek salad


  1. To start your sprouts, you will want to soak your seeds in a bowl of cool water between 3-5 hours or overnight. Just make sure seeds are submerged in water, not floating. It is a sign the seeds may be old. After soaking, thoroughly drain off all water. It is wise to rinse seeds immediately. Bathing the seeds helps to clean and wash away any extraneous matter hen off all excess water.
  2. Soaking will soften the outer cover, and now the seeds are ready to germinate. Later that day is good to rinse the seeds with clean water. Always drain off all water to prevent little sprouts germ at the bottom of sprouter to be covered with water.
  3. Twice daily, rinse and drain water as your seeds mature, once in the morning and again before harvesting to consume. 
  4. For the first few days, as your sprouts grow, they must receive good air circulation. The simplest way is to use a sprouting sack as it provides good air circulation and complete drainage. 
  5. Hang your sprouting sack by the kitchen window seal or similar location with good lighting and airflow. After 2-4 days, the sprouts will reach a favorable size for consuming fenugreek from personal experience. You can transfer them out of sprouter and place them in the refrigerator to prolong their lifespan. 
  6. Refrigeration is unnecessary but will slow down the growth process and give you a larger window to consume your sprouts. 
  7. Rinse sprouts daily to prevent sprouts from drying out as they can swiftly lose their vital energy and nutritional content.
  8. Clean and dry Sprouter thoroughly after use.

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