Advanced Asanas/ Poses for Meditation

Ideation Pose (Bhavasana)

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Bhavasana or the Ideation pose comes from two Samskrta words Bhavasa which pertains to thoughts and feelings while ‘Asana’ means pose or posture. This pose is an ideal pose that is used for yoga exercise. It is also great for Sadhana. This asana activates the Ajina Cakra (center of the forehead which inspires spiritual ideation. It controls and energizes the pituitary gland, the endocrine glands and the brain.

How to Execute Bhavasana

  1. Sit as in Sahaja utkatasana, raise to half-standing posture with feet slightly apart and pointing in opposite directions, bring the palms together, like a greeting. Keep the eyes fixed forward, sustain for 8 seconds. 
  2. Extend both arms to the right, the left arm touching the chest and stretching as far as possible to the right. Sustain this pose for 8 seconds.
  3. Do the same to the left side, with the right arm touching the chest, and sustain the pose for 8 seconds.
  4. Extend the arms toward the back and bring the palms together. Sustain for 8 seconds.
  5. All the actions above will consist of 1 round.
Practice: Ideation Pose (Bhavasana) 4 rounds x 8 seconds for each side (front, left, right, back

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