Crispy Spelt Puff Pastry

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It’s not even a stand-alone recipe; rather, it’s a springboard to other culinary delights, but for some reason, simple ingredients and procedures pique my interest.

Taking a few simple, pale elements like wheat flour, water, and butter, combining them, adding heat, and the final product is a rich, flaky, crispy nibble decked in warm, deep, and rich hues seems so transformational.

I believe that everyone should attempt to create puff pastry at least once in their lives. It appears to be difficult and frightening, but it is not, and freshly prepared pastry tastes delicious. So here’s a recipe for a crispy spelt puff pastry made with spelt flour, which some people find easier to stomach than regular wheat flour.

Lay a sheet of vegetable paper and transfer the cooled Spelt onto the sheet of paper to form a compact block of 2cm high. You can roll it out with a rolling pin or use your palms and push the puff into a rectangular form and set it aside to cool.  Once it’s cooled sufficient and the compact rectangle is firm, You may slice it to the size you prefer.

I have added some nuts to give it the extra crunch. You may choose from the wide variety available or try with the common nuts of your choice. I have mixed the puff with roasted almonds, sesame seeds, cashew nuts, pumpkin seeds, sunflower. Add a touch of dried black currents; gooseberries give it the little sour and sweet taste making this snack an exceptional crispy bar.

Crispy Spelt Puff

A wonderful crispy snack for all the kids and you for the road. Serve it at parties and everyone will love our Crispy Spelt Puff.

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